Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Top Ten Most Surprising Viral Successes

Every day new viral videos pop-up and spread around the internet like wildfire with some even making it onto television. Usually it is very easy to see why with videos ranging from awful singers to painful accidents. These kinds of videos have always been staples of shows with names like “World's Wackiest Videos”, but sometimes something goes viral and the reason is just hard to fathom. This is a problem for viral marketing as well. Should you go for something you think will be popular or choose something left-field and hope it catches on? Here we'll have a look at the top ten viral successes which are just very hard to explain.

10. Fenton


This video went huge when it came out and clips of it were shown on a fair few TV shows. Here we see a man chasing his dog through Richmond Park in London. In general, it doesn't sound all too interesting but the mixture of the owner's accent and choice words made this video incredibly popular.

9. Rickrolling


All this is is a cheesy 80s pop video, which is sort of funny anyway but not any more so than your average 80s music video. What made this track so popular was its use in playing pranks on people. The trick would be to claim the link would take you to something amazing or funny, but instead you just ended up with Rick Astley pouring his heart out to you.

8. Little Superstar


Now this is a very bizarre video which depicts the South Indian dwarf actor Kingkong dancing as a man as his entourage watches on. The moves this guy pulls off are incredible, but Kingkong's continuous bright smile just adds to the nonsensical scene. Clearly streetdancing dwarfs are a great attraction to internet goers.

7. Techno Viking


It's hard to really decipher what is happening here. It seems to be some kind of techno march being led by what can only be described as a Viking from the distant future. I doubt many people would be willing to call him that though as this guy looks tough. Let's hope one day someone will actually cast him in a film about a futuristic Viking.

6. Dietcoke and Mentos


If you were to explain the premise of this to someone it seems unlikely they would be interested. It's an artful display created by using the effect of adding mentos to diet coke. Sounds boring, but it has probably increased the sales of both of these products more dramatically than any ad campaign has. It has also probably helped to ruin many white carpets around the world.

5. All Your Base Are Belong To Us


Who would have thought that the employment of an awful Japanese to English translator could lead to one of the longest running jokes on the internet? This video has been around for years and the phrase “All your base are belong to us” pops up everywhere to this day.

4. Bizzle Gets Some Dunkers


Animals are always popular for viral videos, but what about a half man half dog? Here we see a dog in a jumper being fed Dairylea Dunkers with human hands. It sounds rubbish, but it's impossible not to laugh at. Even the cameraman is struggling to hide his giggles as he watches Bizzle devour his snack.

3. The Dancing Baby


This has to be the oldest viral video on the internet, but at the same time one of the most bland. A simple CGI baby dances around for a bit and that's it. Yet this video managed to be spread solely by email as it came about before any kind of social networking or video sites. Maybe it was just because there wasn't as many interesting things online in 1996.

2. Charlie Bit My Finger


What could be more hilarious than siblings hurting each other? All we have here is two brothers sharing a chair in harmony, until the younger brother bites his older brother's finger causing some pain. This short clip spread very quickly and it's hard to find a single person who hasn't seen or heard of it. Don't worry though, it's all smiles by the end.

1. Keyboard Cat


A truly classic example of weird virals hitting the big time. Here we have another animal in a sweater being controlled by an unseen human. Rather than eating though, this cat has channelled Mozart and is playing the keyboard along to a song. He makes it look so easy. In fact, it seems like he's not even paying any attention at all.

Today's guest post written by Imogen. Many thanks to her!